SAP Transport Management for Freshservice - Quick Start

Technical prerequisites

First you have to make sure your SAP system fulfills the following technical prerequisites:

  1. Minimum SAP Component versions

    You will need SAPUI >= 7.53 and:
AS ABAP Version Service Pack
7.50 >= SP12
7.51 >= SP07
7.52 >= SP03
7.53 >= SP01
7.54 >= SP01

Because these prerequisites are set by SAP themselves, it is not possible to satisfy lower component versions without custom code adjustments. Contact our support if you are interested in knowing more.

     2. Network requirements

Your SAP system and Freshservice must be able to communicate with each other. Ask your network team to whitelist Freshservice IPs and ports.

If you need additional information about this requirement, you may contact Freshservice support directly or search their Knowledge Base.

     3. Service activation

Last but not least, you need your Basis team to enable a single standard SAP service (if not already active). Please contact us for the procedure. It takes no more than 5-10 minutes.

Setup activities

After installing the app through Admin / Apps / Get more Apps, the setup screen will need you to fill some mandatory parameters:

  • Authorized User Group: Set the Group ID to which the users who should access the app belong to;

  • Enable Transport Update? Allows users to update SAP transports information from Freshservice;

  • Target SAP ID 1: System Identifier, such as XYZ;

  • Target SAP Host 1: Host address of the SAP system - only HTTPS protocol is supported;

  • Target SAP User 1: Technical (SAP) user responsible for performing the actions is the backend;

  • Target SAP Password 1: Password for the previous SAP User.

You can map a maximum of two (2) SAP Development systems in the application. In case you need more, please contact support. We strongly recommend you create a technical user for the sole purpose of using this application. It should have the least amount of SAP Roles possible.

Test the application

That's it! You can now navigate to any given Change document and look for the "Apps" panel on the right.

Click the SAP Transport Management application title to start using it.

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